Answer calls using Toky

With Toky, your customers can call you from your website using our live call widget or by calling one of the virtual phone numbers that you have assigned. To receive calls you can use different means such as:

1. From your web browser

Login to your account at and start receiving calls in your browser.

2. Toky's Google Chrome Extension

Installing our Google Chrome Extension you will be able to answer calls easily without being in Toky's website.

3. Toky's Android App

Install our Android App in your smartphone and answer calls on the go.

4. Toky for iPhone and iPad

You can install our iOS app Toky and start receiving calls in your iPhone or iPad.

5. Call forwarding to mobile number or landlines

You can enable call forwarding from your Toky account so when you are not available online in any of the above means, the call is forwarded to a mobile number or landline.

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