How to cancel my Toky account

You can close or unsubscribe from Toky services at any time by contacting us via our internal chat system or by emailing us at After the request was received we will process it within the same business day.

What to expect afterward.

  • We will acknowledge the reception of your request and cancel your subscription immediately. Your account will continue working until the end of your subscription period but it will not renew automatically.

  • With the spirit of improving our product we generally ask for feedback regarding the reason for the cancellation. If you can provide this information alongside your cancellation request we would greatly appreciate it.

  • If you want to port out your existing Toky numbers, please refer to this tutorial. Numbers will be permanently deleted within a 30 days period.

  • Please have in mind that unused credits or subscriptions are non-refundable as per our Terms of Service (section 3).

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