Download Call recordings using the API Reference

You can use your API key to get the public URLs to bulk-download your call recordings/voicemails using your preferable API Client.

Getting your API Key

First, you will need the API key of the Toky account (available to admin accounts only). Go to your name in the upper-right corner and hit the API Key option:

Once there, you will get a floating window with the option to copy the key:

Once you have copied your API Key, go to our developer portal on the call recordings reference available here.

There, you can paste your API Key (exactly as it was copied from the web app, no extra characters added) on the field for that purpose:

On the Path Params, you must enter a single callid that you can get by following this guide.

Once you have entered the two requirements, you can hit the TRY IT button. If you get a 200 response code (green) on Your request history, it means there are no errors and the process pulled the public URL correctly, which you can find on the Response section:

Once you have that response, you can use the request URL to build a script to mass-download your call recordings.

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