How to use the Chrome Extension

NOTE: This extension is deprecated and will stop working by October 18th, 2020. Please use our other apps instead.

If you are looking for the Click to Call extension for your CRM, please install it here. This extension is not for Click to Call.


Toky has two extensions:

  • For receiving and making calls, known as the Call Extension (this one)

  • For Click to Call on CRMs

This tutorial explains the Call Extension.

What can I do with it?

  • Answer calls without needing a Toky tab open

  • Make calls using the dialer

  • Receive Toky notifications


- Call agents with a single click

- Open the dialer to call telephone numbers

- Open the web app

- Answer calls and know who's calling

- Connect it to your CRM of preference to pull contact information

- Transfer calls to your teammates

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