Connect my Twilio hosted number to Toky

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Configuring the Trunk

  • Create a New SIP Trunk

  • In the newly created Trunk, go to Origination, and click on Add new Origination URI

  • Leave the rest of the fields untouched, and the end result should look like this

Configuring the Numbers

  • Look for the number you would like to connect to Toky, and click on it

  • Go to Voice & Fax, select Voice Calls > SIP Trunk, and select the name of the SIP Trunk you created in the steps above

  • Click on Save

  • Finally, contact our support team after you completed these steps, to enable the calls coming to your number to ring your account.

Sending Text Messages from your number

Receiving text messages should already be possible following the steps above, however, for sending texts an extra step is required.

  • Send those values to our support team so we can set your number up for sending texts as well.

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