What does every status in call history mean?

Every call in the call history of Toky has a status. Every call received by virtual phone number or by live call is registered in the call history. Below you can see what each status means:

  • Inbound: Inbound call answered by one of your agents

  • Outbound: Call made from the Toky platform to an external telephone number and that was answered.

  • Missed Call: Inbound call not answered by any agent and that did not reach the voicemail.

  • Cancelled: Inbound call that could not be answered by any agent because it rang for a short time.

  • Abandoned Voicemail: Inbound call that reached voicemail but the caller did not leave any message.

  • Voicemail: Call received and not answered by any agent but the caller left a message.

  • Transferred answered: Call transferred to another agent.

  • Transferred canceled: Call transferred to another agent but the call wasn’t answered.

  • On-Call: A call in progress that you can monitor if you have the permissions.

  • Calling: A call that is just starting.

  • Call Attempt: Outbound call made by your agents that was not answered.

If you want to learn more, please visit this page to understand what every Call Status in Toky means.

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