How does the voicemail work?

1- Is there any way users can listen to private Voicemails?.

Private Voicemails can only be listened by the agent they were left for. You will only have access to these if you are the Super Admin of the account.

2. If one agent checks the voicemail as read. Does it mark it as read for all agents?

The voicemail inbox will be particular to the agents. If you listened to them and there is another agent who has access to the same voicemail. It will still appear as unread to your colleague that has not listen to the voicemail yet.

But you will be able to see who listened to the voicemails already.

3. Because of new and improved features for Voicemails, items from before November 10th can’t be marked as unread.

If you find your voicemail and see the information marked in the red box is unavailable. This means that the voicemail dates back before the updates were not applied.

If you have any other questions about the voicemails and functionalities you can reach our support team at any time😃

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