What are the limitations of a trial account?

An account in trial mode is subject to the same level of control as accounts in paid mode plus an extra layer of security for placing outbound calls.

This extra layer of security consists of:

  • Some destinations may be blacklisted. This could include specific numbers, regional dialing codes or country codes. (*)

  • Each call you place can only last up to 30 minutes, despite the free credit we offer you covering more minutes.

  • We may block your account if we detect suspicious behavior.

  • We may record your calls if we have reasons to believe you may be spam calling.

  • You can't buy a virtual phone number for a trial account. If you want to try outbound and inbound calls using a phone number, please request a test number in the Phone Numbers menu.

You can remove these lockouts by upgrading to a paid account

(*) The main reason behind this measure is the high amount of fake accounts that are created to exploit Toky's free credit that we grant to each new account.

Note: if you are already a paying customer and calling to a certain number or country seems to be blocked for you, please get in touch with our Support Team.

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