Do you have any reports?

Yes, we have some reports you can use to be in control of your call center, you will find them in your Dashboard in the Reports option.


  • Call details: List of calls made with a summary graph that shows you the inbound and outbound calls, missed calls, voicemails etc.

  • Credit expense report: Learn how the credit in your account is being spent, in detail. Check how much you have to pay per minute in services like calls, call monitoring, and others or in those paid per event like Power Dialer or Voicemail Drop.

  • Call cost: List of outgoing calls or those related to call forwarding and the cost of each, besides to the summary of the last month.

  • SMS Costs: Costs for every inbound or outbound SMS

  • Calls per number: Summary of calls made using your virtual phone numbers.

  • Inbound calls per Group: Related calls for each agent group, classified by state.

  • Calls per agent: Summary of calls made by each one of your agents in your call center.

  • Notes & Tags: A detailed view of each call's notes and tags added during or after a call.

  • Status of inbound calls per Number: Statistics of the statuses of inbound calls by Toky number. Learn how many calls have been successfull or not for each number.

  • Agent logs: Check an agent's connection activity throughout the day.

More reporting alternatives:

  • Toky Data Studio Connector: You can use our connector to create your own reports using Google Data Studio and the data from the last 15 days.

  • Toky Data Importer: You can use Toky Data Importer, our add-on for Google Sheets, to load data from your account to Google Sheets and create your own analysis or reports.

Every report allows you to export data into a CSV file which can be imported to any spreadsheet software for additional analysis.

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