Toky's refund policy

As per our Terms of Service (section 3), all payments are non-refundable.

The primary reason for this policy to existing is because Toky offers a product that requires services to be allocated, reserved, purchased, and kept online whether the product was used or not. This orchestration with our suppliers and partners implies a financial cost that we, unfortunately, can't ignore.

This policy applies to all payments made to Toky: monthly, annually, and credit for calls and texts.


In some cases where agents were added, charged, and deleted immediately without being used, we are able to refund the amount charged as credit for making calls.

Our commitment to our customers

Toky exists with the sole purpose of adding value to your business by constructing a relationship based on trust and cooperation.

If you think your specific case could be considered an exception to receive a refund, please approach our Customer Support team so that we can review your situation independently.

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