Install WhatsApp phone number in Bird CRM

Install a connector into Bird CRM

Once you have acquired the long lived access token you can then install a WhatsApp connector into Bird CRM. This will complete the integration between Bird and WhatsApp so you can send messages via the Bird CRM APIs.

The properties are as follows

  • Name - friendly name of the connector

  • wabaId - as per the embedded signup sessionInfo

  • phoneId - as per the embedded signup sessionInfo

  • phoneNumber - as per the either the Bird number you acquired or the number you provided

  • mbPhoneId - the ID of the Bird phone number (if using a Bird number)

  • accessToken - the access token you exchanged in the following step

curl --location '{{workspaceId}}/connectors' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--header 'Accept: application/json' \
--header 'Authorization: AccessKey <your-access-key>' \
--data '{
    "connectorTemplateRef": "whatsapp:1",
    "name": "{{name}}",
    "arguments": {  
        "wabaId": "{{wabaID}}",
        "phoneId": "{{phoneNumberID}}",	
        "phoneNumber": "{{phone Number}}".
        “mbPhoneId”: “{{mbPhoneId}}”
     "securityArguments": {
        "oauth": {
      "accessToken": "{{long-lived-access-token}}"

Await channel creation webhook

Once you have submitted your connector request a channel will be created in the background and once this has been created you will receive a callback based on the webhook you setup earlier.

Take note of the connector id and channel id. You will use the connector id to manage the integration with Meta and the channel id to send messages to the Bird CRM API.

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