This page provides a comprehensive overview of the partial event payload structure for numbers of all types and their relevant information.


This event is triggered by any updates to a number, from its creation to the activation of a capability. Each numerical type is clearly specified within the event payload in a field named type, along with other relevant information:

  • Toll-free numbers

  • Long codes

  • Short codes

  • Alphanumeric sender IDs

Each event has a root issues field containing a string with related issues. The issues field may include various types of issues, such as:

  • subscription-is-not-active

  • setup-fee-is-not-paid

  • capability-is-not-supported

  • compliance-requirement-not-satisfied

  • brand-not-ready

  • destination-brand-not-ready

  • use-case-not-ready

Each event includes a capabilities root field. This field is an array of objects, each detailing the name, status, and issues for both inbound and outbound capabilities.

Additional events

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