Programmable WhatsApp

How to integrate with our Channels API for WhatsApp Messaging


WhatsApp is an asynchronous messaging channel that allows businesses to communicate with customers on a large scale using personalized messages. By installing WhatsApp as a channel, you can automate your business processes and provide support to customers on their preferred platform.


Customer service window

If you’re sending a message to a customer to initiate a conversation, you’ll need to use a message template. You’ll also need to do this if you’re replying to a customer after the 24-hour care window has closed.

What is the WhatsApp customer service window?

A customer service window is a period of time during which a business can send any type of message to a recipient (user). This window lasts for 24 hours and it can be initiated by either the business or by the customer.

When a customer sends any type of message to a business, and the business replies to it, the customer service window starts. This is known as user-initiated conversation and no prior opt-in is required. When a business sends a template message to a recipient (user), then the customer service window starts. This is known as business-initiated conversation and prior opt-in is required.

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