Translation Spreadsheet add-on

Music: The translation spreadsheet add-on allows copy to be exported from Taxi as a spreadsheet where translation can take place. This is then imported back into Taxi and translated versions of the email are made. Microsoft excel (xlsx files) are used which means it is compatible with Excel, Google Sheets and many other systems and services.

To enable the translation spreadsheet:

  1. Head to Integrations

  2. Select the 'Add-ons' tab and click set up under translation spreadsheet

3. You will be asked to upload a spreadsheet file An example template is available to get you started here.

A blank excel file will also work.

There is a dropdown to choose how you want the spreadsheet to behave when you download it from a mailing.

  • ‘Use language codes to map versions to languages’: Each version is assigned a language code and each language code will become a column header when you download the spreadsheet for translations. You can assign the same language code to multiple versions in a version set if they are the same language, for example a German and Swiss version that are both translated to German.

  • ‘Use version name as a column header’: When assigning language codes there is a predefined list in Taxi. If you use custom language codes that are not available in Taxi, you can choose this option. You’re able to name the versions as your language codes and when you download the spreadsheet the version name will be the head of each column.

Select if you want fields with the same label to be combined into a single row or if you want them to be shown on separate rows for translation. An example of this is if you have multiple CTAs these can be shown grouped together in a single row or each CTA is shown on a separate row.

Using the translation spreadsheet:

  1. Create a Mailing in Taxi and add the source language content to your Parent Version

2. On the Versions page select the Download Spreadsheet option This contains content from the Parent version that needs to be translated

3. Add translations to the spreadsheet Example below:

4. Once you have added your translations upload this spreadsheet back into Taxi by selecting the Upload Translations option on the Versions page

5. Translations will now appear in all versions

6. By default, only text goes into the spreadsheet but you can get anything in the spreadsheet if you want.

There are two ways to do it.

  1. Add translatable=“true” to the field in the EDS

  2. In the field configuration tab tick the option that says 'Send content to translation add-ons'

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