Setting up personalisation for Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Before setting up personalisation in Taxi from Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you'll need to set up personalisation in your account.

Personalisation fields in Salesforce use the following style of notation:


These can be set up in the personalisation settings in Taxi.

These will become available in rich text fields in the editor.

You can add as much or as little code here as you like, so it’s possible to use Salesforce’s ampscript code to show different content based on gender, for example:

%%[IF gender == 'Male' THEN]%%Sehr geehrter Herr %%Last_Name%%,%%[ELSEIF gender == 'Female' THEN]%%Sehr geehrte Frau %%Last_Name%%,%%[ELSE]%%Sehr geehrte Frau, Sehr geehrter Herr %%Last_Name%%,%%[ENDIF]%%

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