What is Fresh Relevance

Fresh Relevance is an online tool that allows you to include personalised images in your emails.

It uses various techniques to help you show relevant images to your email recipients. For example, it can track customers’ behaviour on your website and then show them images in the email that are relevant to the products they’ve been looking at.

Content in Fresh Relevance is organised by slots and smart blocks. Smart blocks are individual product images that can be used in your emails. Slots are the different layouts of images that you can have, such as a 4/3/2 columns, and these are made up of the individual smart blocks.

What does the integration do?

The integration allows you to search through your slots in Fresh Relevance when building out your emails. At the click of a button you can choose which slot you want and easily populate your emails with the right images and links. You’re able to control which modules you want to be able to use with Fresh Relevance. It can be all of your modules if you need that flexibility or only specific ones so you know you’re always going to be using modules with the correct layouts and image dimensions.

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