Using Segmentation in a mailing

Once you've set up segmentation in Taxi, you can use your segment sets and single segments in your mailing. This will allow you to add content to your different segments.

  1. Find the module that you want to use segmentation on

  2. Click on the segmentation icon This will then show a side panel with the segmentation options

3. Select Segment set, single segment or no segmentation

  • Segment Set: Select the segment set from the dropdown. You can also select 'use different modules for some segments' you can then select the different modules for each segment.

  • Single Segment: Set up the rules you would like for this segment.

4. Select 'Update Module' The segmentation will now show in the module

5. To edit the content in each segment click on the segment name 6. Preview the segmented email by clicking Segments in the top left of your preview screen. This will show you what the email looks like for each segment.

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