Exporting an email to Oracle Responsys

To export a version to Oracle Responsys you will need to select the Project, Mailing and finally the Version you would like to export. You can export from the Mailing level, Version level or from the visual editor. To export:

  1. In Taxi, head to your Home screen Select the Project that contains the version you want to export

  2. Select the Mailing If you are Admin you can select the Kebab menu and select 'Export' on the mailing level

  3. After selecting the Mailing you will see the Versions page Select the 'Export Mailing' option on the right-hand side of the screen under the Exports section. Alternatively select the version you want to export to open it in the visual editor.

  4. In the visual editor, select 'Export Mailing'

5. On the Export page, scroll to ESP connectors Select your Oracle Responsys connector

6. Select 'Create a new email' or 'Update an existing email' Fill in the details.

7. Under the Segmentation section You can select if you want to export one version or Taxi allows you to create multiple versions within a mailing. When exporting to Responsys there are 2 ways to handle these versions:

  • Create a campaign for each version. This will save time compared to exporting each version individually, especially when you have a high number of versions within a mailing.

  • Create a single campaign which contains all of the content and uses Responsys Programming Language (RPL) to select a version based on information about an individual recipient.

    With the Responsys connector, the HTML for your different versions will be exported to a separate folder in your Responsys account. You can choose what folder this is in your Responsys connector settings in Taxi.

    Then in the actual campaign that is going to be sent out, you will have the RPL which defines which recipients receive which HTML. But instead of the whole HTML for each version you have the folder path of where the exported HTML lives.

    For example:

    The above example is saying if the gender == male, then show the HTML that lives in this folder. ‘cms://contentlibrary/campaigns/10/segmentation_segment_htmls/segment_1017832’ and then the same for anyone who isn’t male.

    Using this way of exporting will also format your subject lines as you need for Responsys. It will use the same if statement as you have for all the versions and apply it in the subject line field of the campaign in Responsys.

    For example:

    Of the two above options, which is best for you will depend on how your campaigns are set up in Responsys and how your reporting works.

8. Click 'Start Export' You will see a green banner when your export is complete and you can open your exported email in Oracle Responsys from Taxi.

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