Taxi for Email API

The Taxi for Email API enables you to carry out actions within your Taxi account without having to login.

Currently, with the API you can:

  • Check syntax warnings or errors in your Email Design System

  • Create a new EDS

  • Update an existing EDS

API keys

To create API keys go to integrations and you’ll see an API keys tab. Here you can add new API keys for your account and also admins can see a list of API keys that other users have created.

Click the Add New button and here you can give your API key a name, see the API ID and create the Key.

When you create the API key you will be able to view it only once, so make sure to copy and paste it somewhere before closing the pop-up.

Testing the API endpoints

To do this you can navigate to the API page from your Taxi account:

On this page, you can enter your API credentials and test the API. To do this, under each endpoint there will be a red exclamation mark. Click on this and you will be prompted to enter your API key and ID.

Once you have set your credentials once you won’t need to do this for each endpoint. If you refresh you’ll need to enter them again.

This page should only be used for testing the API. To use it within your workflow you should configure this within your own development environment.

Check out this article about the details of each endpoint and how they work.

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