Team Access and Permissions

In this article, we're going to cover the difference between access and permissions and how to give teams specific access and permissions to Projects, Mailings and Versions


Controls what users and teams can see in Taxi. E.g. some users or teams have access to all projects, versions and mailings and some users only have access to one or two.


Control what users and teams can do in Taxi. E.g. some users or teams can create, delete, edit and export and some can only edit.

Teams must be given access to a Project or Mailing before they can do anything

  1. To give access to a Project On the home screen select the 3 dots beside the Project name and select 'Settings'

2. Select the User Management tab Add the users and teams you want to give access to this project

3. To give access to Mailings or Versions Open Mailing or Version screen

4. Go to the 'Access' section Select the teams you want to give access to from the drop-down menu and select 'Allow Access'

3. To remove access Select ‘Manage Access’ then ‘User Management’ and click the x next to the team name 4. Version level access To give access to only one version is done using Version Sets

  1. Go to Organisation settings and select People

  2. Open the teams tab and select a team

3. On the teams page select the Access List tab

4. Here you will see all the projects, mailings and versions that this team has access to. You can filter these by using the filter by option. Click on a title to open the project, mailing or version

  1. After creating your team and adding members, click the Permissions tab

  2. Select the things you want your team to be able to do e.g. edit, export etc

  3. Choose whether you want the permission to be a Team or Global permission Team permissions are the most restrictive as the user will only be able to do that action as part of that specific team Global permissions allow the user to do that action as part of any team

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