Managing your Email Design System

When creating an Email Design System you must give it a name and you also have the option to give it a description.

These can be changed after the EDS is created and won’t affect any emails that have been created.

Updating/Uploading an EDS

Your Email Design System is the single source of truth for all emails created in Taxi. Every time you update the code for it, all versions using the EDS will be updated. For example, if you add a new module this will be available in all these emails.

The exception to this is if you have an email where a field has been edited and you then change the default value of this field in the EDS. In this scenario, the content of the edited field will stay the same.

All of this also applies to brands. Any updates made to an EDS will inherit to any brands.

Once the EDS is in your account you’ll have the following actions that can be done with it:

Download HTML: Get a HTML file of the Email Design System. This is needed to make any updates (unless using the API or you already have a local copy.)

Download HTML + Images: If you have uploaded the Email Design System HTML in a zip file with local images, you can also download a zip file with the HTML and images

Upload/Paste New HTML: Update the Email Design System once updates are made by uploading a file or pasting the HTML

Change Owner and Guide: The EDS will have an owner. Typically this is the person who uploads it but it can be set to any user in your account. When you set an owner, a user can contact them with questions from within the editor by clicking on the help dropdown. Read more about setting up and viewing your Email Design System Owner here

You can also include an EDS guide (either a PDF file or a link to a hosted document) which can be accessed from the same help dropdown. Read more about an EDS guide here

Module Statistics: Here you can see how many different modules are used across all versions. Read more here

Archiving an EDS

If you have a new Email Design System you can archive the old one to stop it being used for any new mailings.

Existing emails will not be affected but new emails cannot use the archived EDS.

Once an email is archived it can be deleted. However, if there are still any emails using this EDS it can’t be deleted - any projects, mailings or versions would need to be deleted first.

All accounts have built-in Email Design Systems that can be used to create emails. These can also be archived if needed.

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