Creating a custom link tracking profile

You can easily create your own tracking system in Taxi, or Taxi can build a system to meet your company's specific requirements. Below is some information to help you get started with using liquid to control your link tracking, but check out this article for more in-depth explanations and examples.

When creating a new link tracking profile select the 'Custom' option under System

Custom tracking uses the same field types as described on the configuring link tracking profiles page here and gives you the option to add extra attributes and create unique link formats.

  • Add custom fields and custom attributes by clicking the 'Add Field' and 'Add Attribute' hyperlinks

  • The HREF Settings section allows you to add your own liquid code to change href to link formats.

  • You can also create CSV files of links to distribute to other teams in your organisation for reporting purposes.

If you need a more custom set up with certain rules about not tracking certain links for example then there is another step to the set up.

Beneath the parameters you set up there'll be an option for a custom href. This is where you need to reference the custom fields/parameters. You can use liquid code to do this and whatever you type in here is what the links will look like when you export.

#{{linkfields.original_href | url_arg_prefix}}. The second part of this is to make sure there is a ? before the tracking and it will change this to a & if there is already a ? in the link.

To reference the custom fields you create, use this:

#{{linkfields.name_of_custom_field}}. So if the custom field is called utm_source you'd reference it like this: #{{linkfields.utm_source}}.

To hard code something:

You can type it into the custom href without any brackets, '{', around it.


If the link in your emails is And these are your custom fields utm_source, set to 'email' utm_medium set to 'newsletter' utm_content set to 'JanuaryCamapign'

And this is your custom href: #{{linkfields.original_href | url_arg_prefix}}utm_source=#{{linkfields.utm_source}}&utm_medium=#{{linkfields.utm_medium}}&utm_content=#{{linkfields.utm_content}}

This would be the link when you export

Taxi offers a bespoke link tracking service. Contact us for information.

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