Reusable modules

Taxi enables you to save modules that have been created in one version and re-use them in another version.

If you have a module that is the same or very similar across communications, you won't have to build it from scratch in every email it is used. To save a module, open the module on the right hand side of the editor and click the button in the top right of the module. This will add the module to your module library.

Once this is done, you will see a three line symbol underneath that module in the add modules panel.

To add it to the email, drag the module into the right hand side editor panel.

When you first add the module to save it, make sure to rename it appropriately, so it is clear what the saved module is in the add module panel.

The module that has been saved is now available in all versions that use the same Email Design System.

If a version uses a different brand or EDS, this saved module will not be available.

Once the module is saved, it is not linked to the original module. Any changes made in the original module will not be reflected in the saved module.

To delete a saved module, click on the bin/trash icon next to the module name

When a saved module is deleted, it is no longer available moving forward. But this won't be impacted if it has already been added to an email.

You can also rename a saved module. This will impact the name of any time the saved module is used from that point onward. Any already existing places where the saved module has already been added won't be affected.

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