How to build an email in the editor

In this article, we will cover how to add content to your email in the Taxi editor.

When you open your version in Taxi you will first need to add modules to begin adding content to the email. In each module, there will be different options available to edit your email. These are set in your Email Design System


To add a module to your email:

  1. Click on the right-hand side of the editor where it says “Add Module”

2. You will see a preview of all the modules in your Email Design System

3. Drag and drop the modules you want to use in your email

4. Reposition the modules to where you want them to be

5. Click finished

6. You will now see these modules in the preview section of the editor

Rename a module:

To rename a module click on the icon and enter the new name

When working in a module, the module name sticks to the top of the editor so you can see what you're working on

Duplicate a module:

This will duplicate all the content and segmentation, to save you time as you're creating your email.


Once selected the segmentation options will appear in a sliding panel.

Switch between segments within a module by clicking the name of the segment when the module is open. This will cycle through your segments. Read more on setting up and using segmentation here

Module Includer:

Deleted modules are found via an icon at the top of each module zone. You can use this to include any module from the Parent version or modules that have been deleted from the current version

In a Parent version, there is an icon on each module this opens a panel for choosing which sub-versions that module should be included in.

Learn more about the Module Includer

Rich Text Field:

Text styles:

Bold, Italic, Underline these text styles are enabled in your Email Design System

You can click the link icon in the rich text field or use the shortcut CMD + K (Mac) CTRL + K (Windows)

Adding Personalisation:

You can add personalisation to your rich text field by selecting the personalisation icon and selecting an option from the dropdown. Read more about setting up and using personalisation here

Changing colours:

You can change the colours of links, text, buttons, background colours and anything else that your Email Design System allows.

Colours can be changed by using the colour pickers or inputting a hex colour reference (e.g. #ffffff)

If an Email Design System has a pre-configured brand palette, select from your own colour choices

When you choose a colour from the colour picker or dropdown these will show as options throughout the modules for this version so you won't have to re-enter the hex code for example each time. The colour picker will show all the colours that have been used in this version and also if any colours are locked down in your Email Design System.


Emails will now save automatically after every change you make. You can see who made the last edits and when. This is displayed beside 'Up to Date' at the top of right of your Taxi screen.

Revision History:

When you're creating emails in Taxi, every time your content is saved we'll create a revision. The revision will include what content was changed, and who made that change. You can revert these changes back to a previous revision by clicking on the revision history icon.

Read more about revision history here

Collaboration Editing:

In Taxi, multiple people can work on the same version at the same time. Any updates made by users will show in real-time. You can see where users are making edits to the version. If another user is editing the same email you will see their user bubble in the module that they are currently editing.

If the user is editing in the same module but is out of view arrows will appear to bring you to where the other users are working.

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