Revision History in Taxi

When you're creating emails in Taxi, every time you save your content we'll create a revision. The revision will include what content was changed, and who made that change. You can revert these changes back to a previous revision.To view revision history:

  1. Open a version in Taxi

  2. Open a module and select the revision history icon beside a section of the module

3. A panel will appear showing a list of revisions. This includes any changes that have been made, the date and time that the change was made and the user that made the change

4. Click on the revision and more information about the previous content will appear

5. You can then revert the change by clicking 'Apply' The changed will show in the preview and the editor 6. If there are less than 10 revisions you will see a default option 7. Close the panel and click 'Save' If you have changed more than one field before clicking save these changes will be grouped together with one timestamp on the revision history panel.

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