Adding images to your email

In Taxi, you can upload images or link to an image hosted on an image server.

To upload an image to your Version:

1. Select the module you want to upload an image to

2. Under the image section select 'Browse' and then 'Choose image'

3. A panel will appear Here you can drag and drop your image or click to choose the image from your computer 4. Click 'Apply Changes' This image will now show in the preview.

To use a hosted images in your Version:

1. Select the module you want to add the image to

2. Under the image section select 'URL'

3. A link box will appear this is where you can paste in the image URL You will need to include http:// or https://

4. Click the i icon to the right of the URL box and a panel will appear showing information about the image.

EXIF rotation - This is a piece of data in an image file to make sure the image is the right way up. Some email clients don't understand how to interpret this when it's in an image so the image can appear sideways or upside down.

Domains allowed - When hosting an image you can often define what domains are able to display it. For example, if you want to stop other domains from using images that relate to your brand. If an image can only be shown on your domain then it won't appear in Taxi or when people receive the email. You'll need to make sure that all domains are allowed for images you want to include in your emails.

Cache Expiration - When hosting images you can control how long images are cached for. For example, let's say the images are cached for one day and you view your image in an email in Taxi. If you then change that image where it is hosted you'll have the original image cached for the remainder of that one day period. This most likely won't be an issue for recipients of your emails but removing caching time could avoid confusion when creating emails and updating images.

To add a link to an image enter the URL in the Link URL box

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