Personalisation Permissions

In Taxi, you can give users and teams permissions to a specific personalisation field on your account. When the users add personalisation in the editor they will only see the personalisation fields they have access to.

To set permissions for Personalisation:

  1. Go to the Dynamic Content tab

2. Select the Personalisation tab and select Personalisation Groups

3. Here you can add a new group by clicking 'Add New' or edit existing groups

  • When you select 'add new' you can name the group and add teams and users

  • To edit an existing group select the edit icon to the right of the group name. You can edit the name, remove users and teams and add new users and teams

4. On the personalisation group page select Personalisation to go back 5. Each personalisation field will have a group dropdown option. Select the group you would like to give access to from the dropdown. If no group is selected the personalisation field will be available for everyone in the editor 6. Click 'Save Changes'

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