Using mailing name conventions

The email naming convention tool can be used to specify the structure of the mailing names. You can set these at a project, or organisation level in your account. If you do not have access to this on your account you can get in touch with your Customer Success Manager.

Creating a mailing using a naming convention:

  1. If you are creating a new project you will see the option to select a naming convention Select the naming convention from the dropdown

  2. After creating a new project or mailing when you select the text field for mailing name you will see:

  • A dropdown with the suggested naming conventions if a dropdown is the first field added in your naming conventions settings

  • or placeholder text inside the text box showing you what to enter as set out in the text field added in your naming conventions settings

3. The separator is automatically added when the dropdown option is selected or the text is entered and meets the requirements 4. You will see a green tick when the name is successfully entered

5. Admin users will see a lock icon beside the mailing name text field This allows admin users to overwrite the mailing name convention requirements if needed.

6. When exporting from Taxi you can set the mailing name to be set on the export page This means on the export page the mailing name text box will not be editable. If you would like this available on your account you can get in touch with us through the chat option. Read Next: Setting up mailing name conventions |

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