Export all Mailings in a Project to Sendgrid

In Taxi, you can export all Mailings in a Project to your Sendgrid connector.

To do this:

  1. Go to the Exports page and select 'New Export'

2. Select the Project you want to export

3. Select the connector you want to export to

4. On the Export Review page you will see all the Mailings in the Project you selected

5. Select the tickbox beside the Mailing you want to export

6. When you select a Mailing you will see the Create Export Settings option

7. Select 'Create Export Settings' and select your export options on the export page Click 'Back'

8. Once you have selected all the Mailings you want to export click 'Start Export'

9. When the export is finished you can select 'Open in ESP' to open Sendgrid.

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