Setting up Pardot (Salesforce OAuth) Connector

Pardot is now using Salesforce Auth for Pardot API Access to improve their customer's admin experience and overall security. This article will show you the steps involved to add the Pardot connector to your Taxi account.

To set up the Pardot connector, you'll need to be logged into both your Pardot and Taxi accounts. You will need to set up a connected app in Pardot. A connected app enables Taxi to integrate with the Pardot API. You'll also need your Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, Domain and Business Unit ID (you will find the steps to locate these below).

Setting Up Salesforce OAuth for Pardot API Authentication:

Setting up a connected app:

To set up a connected app, you will need to have Salesforce admin access.

  1. Go to the Gear Icon > Click Setup

  2. Type in “App Manager” in the settings search bar and select “App Manager”

  3. Select “New Connected App”

  4. Enter the name for your connected app (i.e. Taxi Pardot Connector)

  5. Enter contact details for the owner of the connected app

  6. Check the “Enable OAuth Flows” box in the API section

  7. Selected OAuth Scopes: Select both - pardot_api refresh_token, offline_access

  8. Click 'Save'

Once the connected app is set up you will be able to add the new connector to Taxi.

To locate your Consumer Key and Consumer Secret:

Go to the App Manager > Name of the connected app > Click on settings button > View

Under the API (Enable OAuth Settings) you will see Consumer Key and Secret

To locate your Business unit Idea:

Go to Pardot Setup Home > Choose Your Pardot Admins > Click on assign admin

In Taxi:

  1. In Taxi, head to Integrations Select the ESP Connectors tab.

  2. Click 'Add New' Select 'Pardot Salesforce OAuth' from the dropdown. This will need to be enabled by Taxi. You'll need to name your connector - we recommend 'Pardot OAuth'

3. Enter your details Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, Business Unit ID and Domain. For domain enter

4. Select if you want to set some restrictions for this connector You can control who can use the connector and also what type of exports users can export. When these are selected you will see the options to the right of the screen where you can add users and teams and select the export types.

5. Next, you can 'Save Details & Exit' to complete the connector set up or you can set up Segmentation and Personalisation for this connector by clicking 'Save Details & Continue' If you continue setting up you will be brought to the setup pages for Segments Sets, Single Segments and Personalisation. Once these are added choose to save and continue on each page and then finally save details and exit.

You will be redirected to Salesforce where you will be asked to login. Here you will enter the details you entered for the owner of the connected app. Once this is authorised you will be redirected back to Taxi. Your connector is now set up

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