Feeds Configuration

Once you have set up the feeds in your Email Design System you will see a feeds tab when you go into the Email Design System settings.

In the feeds tab you will see a list of all the modules you have set up to be used as a feed.

When you click into these modules you can choose which feed you want to link that module to.

You can then select how you want to search through your feed in the editor when making your emails, you can have a fixed value, a field in the editor to type in a value or you can use a search helper that has been set up with this feed.

Then you can link the fields that you set in the Email Design System (using the code example above) to the part of the feed you want to pull into your email, such as a title or description or image

Once this is all set up you can use these modules to pull in content from your RSS feed in the Taxi editor.

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