Learn how to structure your account: Part 2

To create an email in Taxi you will first need to create a Project. Inside your Projects, you will have your Mailings, which are the emails you design and build using your Email Design System. Inside your Mailings are the different Versions of your email.

You can have multiple Projects and Mailings on your account but it is good to know when to clone a Mailing to a new Project and when to clone in an existing Project. This will help organise your emails and also means there will not be pages of Mailings in a Project which can lead to Mailings getting mixed up.

Cloning a Mailing is making an exact copy of the Mailing. The cloned Mailing will have the exact same Versions and Inheritance as the original Mailing, so if you have disabled any Inheritance within a Mailing on the original, it will be disabled in the cloned Mailing.

Cloning a mailing means you can copy over a whole mailing with all the structure you need in just a few clicks. This can be to the same Project or a completely different Project in your Taxi account. Instead of building out an email campaign from scratch, you can quickly and easily copy over a Mailing, then amend all the copy, imagery and links you need.


Cloning to a different project:

  1. If you had a project with the structure for different types of emails in it, for example, Monthly Newsletter, Trigger Emails, instead of cloning each mailing in this project you can clone the mailing over to the relevant project for that particular email. This means that all the same campaign types will be in one project.

  2. If there was an email layout used for one campaign in one project that you wanted to use for a different campaign that needed to live in a different project. You can clone this mailing to the new project keeping all the same campaigns in one project.

Cloning within a project:

  1. If you had a project for Monthly Newsletters and you had Mailings for each month you can clone a Mailing within this project, as these emails are going to be the same structure it is best to keep them in the same project.

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