Setting up the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Exact Target connector

To set up the Salesforce Marketing Cloud connector, you'll need to be logged into both your Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Taxi accounts. You'll also need your Salesforce Marketing Cloud Client ID and Secret credentials.

  1. In Taxi, head to Integrations Select the ESP Connectors tab.

  2. Click 'Add New' Select Salesforce Marketing Cloud Exact Target from the dropdown. This will need to be enabled by Taxi. You'll need to name your connector.

3. Click 'Salesforce Marketing Cloud Exact Target' to edit the connector settings 4. Paste your API client ID, API client secret, Auth URL and REST URL These can be found under the component details on the Installed packages section of your Salesforce Marketing Cloud account. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Client ID and Secret 5. Add your default campaign settings Taxi will add this information to your mailings on export 6. Message Type will default to Standard Editor You can leave this selected unless you know you want to paste HTML 7. Default email for sending csv file toIf you have requested Taxi to send you csv files for reporting, add the email address you want them sent to here

8. Next, you can 'Save Details & Exit' to complete the connector set up or you can set up Segmentation and Personalisation for this connector by clicking 'Save Details & Continue' If you continue setting up you will be brought to the setup pages for Segments Sets, Single Segments and Personalisation. Once these are added choose to save and continue on each page and then finally save details and exit.

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