Setting up a feed in Taxi for Email

Feeds can be used to pull content into your emails automatically from content sources.

You can use feeds to power Personalisation (e.g. different content for each user), dynamic content use cases (e.g. product recommendations, order confirmations in transactional emails) or time-of-open imagery.

This feature will need to be enabled on your account.

Taxi has some out of the box feed options, RSS, Fresh Relevance and Liveclicker.

RSS RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, it is a file that is in an easy to read format called XML. An RSS feed can fetch latest information from a website and put it in this easy to read format. We are then able to search through this and determine which content from the RSS feed we want to pull into Taxi

Liveclicker Liveclicker is an online tool that can help you produce live imagery and interactive elements for your email campaigns. Read more: What is Liveclicker

Fresh Relevance Fresh Relevance is an online tool that allows you to include personalised images in your emails. Read more: What is Fresh Relevance

To set up a feed:

  1. Head to Dynamic Content > Feeds

  2. Click 'Add a feed'

  3. Select a feed type RSS, Fresh Relevance, Live Clicker Add your chosen name and a description

4. Complete the fields to set up your feed

Hosting images:

You can host images on Taxi for Emails CDN that come from your feed.

  1. Open the Feed that you want to host the images in our CDN

  2. On the Settings tab you will see a checkbox 'Use CDN to host images from this feed' tick this and your images will be hosted on our CDN

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