How do I connect to Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Emails you create in Taxi can be exported automatically into your Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) account via a connector. The connector needs to be set up in two places:

- In Salesforce Marketing Cloud

- In your Taxi for Email Account

How to get a client ID and client secret

  1. Log in to your SFMC account

  2. Go to administration under your name in the top right corner:

Select ‘Installed packages’ under ‘Account’

Then click ‘new’ to create a new installed package:

Call it ‘Taxi for email’

Then you will get a success page like this:

Click ‘Add component’

Choose ‘Api integration’

Tick these boxes to give Taxi access to create emails:

Click OK and take a note of your client ID and client secret:

These are used in the connector settings in Taxi

Copy and paste these into another document as you will need them to set up your connector in Taxi

The Salesforce part of the set up process is now complete.

Now you have completed the set up in SFMC follow these steps to set up your connector in Taxi For Email.

  1. Log into your Taxi for Email account, click on your name in the top right hand menu and click Organisation Settings

2. Go to the ESP Connectors tab and select Add New

3. Name your connector ‘Salesforce Marketing Cloud’ and select the Salesforce option from the drop down

4. You can also add an image for your connector. This is useful if you have multiple connectors in one Taxi account

5. After selecting the Salesforce connector, you will see fields to fill in

6. Fill in the API Client ID and Client Secret you copied down earlier

7. Add your default campaign settings as Taxi will add this information to your mailings on export

8. Message Type will default to Standard Editor, so leave this selected unless you know you want to paste HTML

9. If you have requested Taxi to send you csv files for reporting, add the email address you want them sent to

10. Once your connector is set up, you can choose a default folder for all mailings to be added to.

11. Go to Account Settings > ESP Connectors and select Edit Settings from the actions menu next to the Salesforce Marketing Cloud connector

12. On the settings screen click ‘Choose’ and your Salesforce folders will be available to select

13. Click ‘Update’

14. Your accounts are now connected and you can export from Taxi to SFMC.

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