Setting up the S3 Webex campaign connector

If you use Webex (previously known as IMI) you export from Taxi with personalisation and segmentation code relevant for Webex. We don’t export directly to Webex but can export to an Amazon S3 bucket where the HTML can then be added to Webex. You can create new files in S3 or update existing ones.

Using the connector means you won’t have to manually download the HTML and upload or paste into Webex. You can export directly out of Taxi at the click of a button meaning a more seamless email creation process. This automation and reduced number of manual steps means there is less risk of errors, so you can be confident in last-minute content changes.

  1. In Taxi, head to Integrations Select the ESP Connectors tab

  2. Click 'Add New'

  3. Click 'S3 Webex Campaign Connector' to edit the connector settings

  4. Select your region and add your bucket name, access key id and secret The secret access key is checked as you enter it. If the key is valid it will turn green.

  5. Select if you want to set some restrictions for this connector You can control who can use the connector and also what type of exports users can export. When these are selected you will see the options to the right of the screen where you can add users and teams and select the export types.

  6. Next, you can 'Save Details & Exit' to complete the connector set up or you can set up Segmentation and Personalisation for this connector by clicking 'Save Details & Continue' If you continue setting up you will be brought to the setup pages for Segments Sets, Single Segments and Personalisation. Once these are added choose to save and continue on each page and then finally save details and exit.

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