Configuring Brands

Once you've created your Brand, you can then configure it for other users in your account. A Brand can be configured for a particular brand or language. You can also lock or hide parts of it to stop elements from being changed.

To configure your Brand

  1. Head to the 'Email Design Systems' tab in your account

  2. Find the Brand you want to configure Click on the title to view the details of the Brand.

3. Head to the 'Field Configuration' tab You will see a list of all the different sections of your Email Design System. Click one of these to see any sub-sections of the Email Design System.

4. Select the section or sub-section of the Email Design System you want to configure You can either lock the field, allow default version content, or Brand field

5. You can decide what modules are available in the editor for a Brand Select the show/hide icon beside the modules.

6. Click 'Save Changes'

The three field configuration options allow you to do the following:

Locking a field:

When selected, this locks the element of the Email Design System. This means that it can't be changed in the Taxi Editor.

Allow default version content:

When selected, this allows you to dynamically change elements of your Email Design System when your Email Design System is used with version sets.

Brand field:

When selected, this allows you to change your colours, design and styling or just set new defaults.

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