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Email Design System:

An Email Design System in Taxi is a HTML document that includes all of the modular elements that will be used by your brand to create email campaigns.

Your Email Design System is the foundation of how you create your email campaigns it contains all of the possible branded design and content options that you need to create your emails in Taxi.


Brands are children of your Email Design System which allow you to create multiple branded Email Design Systems all from the same code base. This means you can create multiple Brands from an Email Design System without touching any HTML. For each Brand you can set design defaults such as logos, colours, CTA styles etc. or content defaults such as footer text or the navigation.

Multiple Email Design Systems vs 1 Email Design System and multiple Brands:

One Email Design System vs Multiple Brands:

If you have multiple brands within a business you can design one Email Design System with all the modules that you need. You can then create multiple Brands from this. Creating a Brand from an Email Design System allows you to add the different branding colours, logos, footer, navigation in the Brand settings. These Brands and Email Design System only use one HTML document so any changes that need to be made will only need to be changed in the Email Design System. These changes will be applied to all Brands linked to this Email Design System.

For example, a radio station that has multiple stations/brands for each channel which each have unique designs, logos, cta colours, fonts, headers and footers would create one Email Design System and create a Brand for each channel.

The image below shows one Email Design System and three Brands from this. You can see how they all differ using different modules, colours, logos.

Multiple Email Design Systems:

If you are an agency who create and send emails for different clients, having multiple Email Design Systems would be the best option. This is because not only will their designs be very different but their modules, content, imagery and legal terms will all be custom to the client. Using multiple Email Design Systems work best when working with clients that are completely separate.

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