Link Groups

Taxi’s link tracking manager enables you to automate the way you add tracking to the links in your emails. For example, if you need Google Analytics parameters added to your links, this feature means you won’t have to manually add these to each individual link in your HTML.

You can find out more here.

Sometimes you might need slightly different tracking for various links in your emails. For example, you might have a parameter named utm_content, and the value of this is different for CTA button links and image links. This could help you determine which part of the email gets more clicks.

<a href=""> CTA Button </a><a href=""> <img> </a>

One way to achieve this without having to define the value on each link manually is by using link groups. With link groups, you can target different links in your Email Design System with separate tracking profiles.

Link tracking profiles are where you can set the tracking parameters which are needed for your links.

First, you will need to add the link-group attribute to the relevant <a> tags in your Email Design System.

<a replace-href="#{{href}}" link-group="button">CTA</a> <a replace-href="#{{href}}" link-group="image"><img src="image.png" height="" width="" alt=""></a>

Also, in your account, you will need to set up separate link tracking profiles for the different links that will be included in your emails.

In this example, it is one for image links and one for CTA button links.

In these tracking profiles, you can define exactly what tracking is needed. For example, in the 'Button tracking' profile make sure utm_content=button is included and in the 'Image tracking' profile make sure utm_content=image is included.

Once you upload your Email Design System with the two link groups, you will see additional rows under Groups on the link tracking page of your account.

These names come from whatever you have added to the Email Design System.

Then you can map the link group to the relevant link tracking profile.

Now the button link tracking has been applied to the button link group, and the image link tracking has been applied to the button link group. So you can be sure that all of the images and buttons will now get the right tracking without having to manually add this in your HTML.

In the screenshot above, the 'standard' group is on all Taxi accounts. This means that, if you don’t have any other link groups, whatever tracking you give to the standard group will be the tracking for every link in your emails.*

* You can override this on a project group, project, mailing and version level if needed. For example, you can turn off the tracking for an individual project.

It is worth noting that you can also use one link tracking profile and use liquid rules to target links and give them different tracking. You can read more about this here.

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