Conversations in Taxi

Conversations in Taxi help you to collaborate with your team as you're creating your email. You can leave comments and tag your colleagues to give feedback on an email, and speed up the time it takes to get an email approved.


How to use Conversations:

  1. In a Version, right-click on any part of your email that you want to start a conversation about. Click 'Start Conversation'.

2. A Conversation window will open on the right-hand side. Here you can type your message and include a team or team member you want to send the message to. To add a team or team member to the conversation type @ and the list of teams and users will show. Select a team or user to add them to the conversation.

3. You can open your Conversation by clicking Open Conversation

4. A message box will appear allowing you to type messages and you can also view the whole Conversation

5. You can highlight the part of the email the Conversation is about by hovering over the editable icon this will then highlight which editable the conversation is referring to in the preview

6. You can resolve a Conversation by selecting the 3 dots at the top right of the Conversation and selecting 'Mark as resolved' This conversation will then grey out and you will see a resolved label on it. You can reopen the Conversation at any time by clicking the 3 dots again and selecting 'Reopen Conversation'

7. You can delete a Conversation and delete an individual message you no longer want to send.

Select the 3 dots at the top right and select 'Delete' you will see a pop up asking you to confirm you want to delete this Conversation.

While in a Conversation you can hover over the message you sent and a delete icon will appear this will remove the message.

7. You can mark a Conversation as critical this will highlight the conversation in orange and a critical label will show. Select the 3 dots and select 'Flag as critical' This works the same as expectations when a Conversation is left as critical and you export your Mailing a warning will appear letting you know that this conversation needs to be resolved. You can select no longer critical when this is resolved.


When you receive a new message in Taxi there are multiple ways you will be notified:

  1. The Conversations window will show the number of notifications you have when editing a version. Once opened, the conversations with new messages or activity will be highlighted to easily identify them.

2. A red dot will show on your web browser tab when you have unread notifications

3. The notification icon on the left of your Taxi screen above your user profile will also show when you have a new notification

Open the Notifications page to see all of your conversations. You can see who left a message, if any messages were resolved, flagged as critical, deleted, the Version the message is in and select 'Reply to message' this will open the Version and conversations tab for you to reply.

4. You can also receive email notifications. You will receive the number of unread notifications you have in your inbox. This is by default sent each hour, and it can be configured on the user profile page.

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