Using built-in and custom Email Design Systems

Every Taxi account comes with both built-in Email Design Systems, and the option to upload custom Email Design Systems. Under the 'Email Design Systems' area of your account, you'll find the three Email Design Systems that come with each account in the 'Built-in Email Design Systems', and any custom ones that are uploaded to your account.

Built-in Email Design Systems

Every Taxi account comes with three built-in Email Design Systems. The one that most people use to get started is Modern Standard.

Modern Standard comes with a variety of built-in modules that you can use to build your emails. To get started using Modern Standard in an email, you can head to your Project, and add a new project.

When adding the Project, you can select an Email Design System to act as your Email Design Systems.

Custom Email Design Systems

You can also upload your own custom Email Design System. A combination of Taxi Syntax and HTML powers Email Design Systems in Taxi, and allows you to edit the content of your mailing. Any Email Design System built in HTML can have Taxi Syntax added to it.

You can ask Taxi to build an Email Design System for you using our Email Design System services, or you can build your own.

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