What Version to make for Transifex Translation

When setting up a mailing for translation you are given a choice between ‘use a version set’ and ‘create new versions’.

Version sets are there to make setting up multiple versions quicker and less prone to errors and inconsistency. They work best in situations where the same versions are being used repeatedly, perhaps for a newsletter which is sent in the same 5 languages every week.

The ‘create new versions’ option is for more ad-hoc use. It can also be used to add extra versions to a mailing after a version set has been used, or to assign a Transifex language code to versions which have already been created.

Setting up version sets for translation

The settings for version sets can be accessed through your account settings page:

Then the settings for a particular version set can be accessed through the actions menu:

The language code can then be assigned for each version:

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