Users access and permissions

In this article, we're going to cover the difference between access and permissions and how to give a user specific access and permissions to Projects, Mailings and Versions

Access Controls what users and teams can see in Taxi. E.g. some users or teams have access to all projects, versions and mailings and some users only have access to one or two.

Permissions Control what users and teams can do in Taxi. E.g. some users or teams can create, delete, edit and export and some can only edit.

To give a user access to a specific Project, Mailing or Version, navigate to the mailing or version concerned.

To give a user access to a Project, Mailing or Version:

  1. Open the Project, Mailing or Version page

  2. Go to the 'Access' section Select the individuals you want to give access to from the drop down menu and select 'Allow Access'

3. To remove access Select ‘Manage Access’ then ‘User Management’ and click the x next to the team name or user

4. Any users you select At the Project level will be able to edit all mailings and versions in this project. At the Mailing level will be able to edit all versions in the mailing. At the Version level will only be able to edit the specific versions chosen

To give a user specific permissions:

  1. You can control permissions through admin / non-admin users, teams and through project/mailing access

  2. So the method you use depends on what you want your users to be able to see and do

  3. To restrict permissions to specific projects, mailings or functions, remove admin rights and then give the user access to the mailing you want, or put them in a team where you can set team permissions

  4. For more granular permissions, you can create a team with just one person in it

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