Exporting your email

To send your email, you'll need to export it into your email platform. There's a number of ways you can export your email.

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To export your email:

  1. From the email, click on 'Export Mailing'

  2. Select the method of export You can download the email to HTML, as a screenshot, or to a hosted email. You can also export it directly to your email platform (ESP).

Downloading to HTML

  1. Choose where you want to host the images You can choose to have these included in the zip file that's downloaded, or hosted via the Taxi CDN.

  2. Click 'Start Export'

  3. Click 'Download' in the 'Exports' pane next to the export that's just finished

Downloading Screenshots of your emails

  1. Choose the width you'd like to render the screenshots You can select from 700px or 320px, or add in a custom width of your choosing.

  2. Click 'Start Export'

  3. Click 'Download' in the 'Exports' pane next to the export that's just finished

Exporting to a Hosted URL

  1. Click 'Create Hosted URLs' The link generated will be valid for the time you selected from the dropdown

  2. Click on the link under 'Hosted URL' A URL will be displayed for each version

Export screenshots as a PDF

  1. Click PDF on the export page If you do not see this option you can get in touch with your CSM

  2. Choose the preview mode Desktop, Tablet, Mobile or a custom size

  3. Select the Version/s you want to export

  4. Click 'Start Export'

Exporting to your ESP

  1. Select the email platform you want to export to These will need to be set up prior to exporting your email.

  2. Select whether you want to create a new email, or update an existing one

  3. Choose any segmentation you want to apply

  4. Click 'Start Export'

To view your exports:

  1. Click on the Export tab and you will see your file exports, hosted URLS and connector exports.

  2. On the Versions page on the right-hand panel you will see Recent Exports here you can see when a version is exporting, download an export and export your mailing.

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