Hosting images with the Taxi CDN

Image hosting is available in Taxi For Email through our Content Delivery Network (CDN). A CDN is a system of servers set up around the world to make sure that when a user downloads an image they can get it quickly from a server that’s not too far away. Our CDN is built on top of CloudFront, part of Amazon.

To host your images via the Taxi CDN in the editor:

  1. When adding an image to a module, select 'Browse' to upload your images

  2. Click 'Export Mailing'

  3. Select where you want to export the mailing to

This process can be smoother as the alternative is to host the images first and then add the url into the editor - so this would add an extra step to the process.

In the EDS:

When creating your EDS you will have some images in there before any emails are created, like logos and social icons. These can be hosted with Taxi or on your side.

If you host these images first and put full urls into the EDS HTML then the default behaviour is to leave these hosted where they are.

When uploading there is the option to switch this to the Taxi CDN.

You can also upload a zip file of images along with the HTML with local image paths in the HTML which match the image file names. In this scenario the images would be hosted on the Taxi CDN.

We recommend to host these types of images outside of the Taxi CDN because:

- they only need to be hosted once so it won’t slow down the email creation process

- these can often contribute to using up a lot of your allowance so by hosting elsewhere you can save space for larger images used in specific campaigns.

CDN allowance

Each plan comes with a free monthly allowance of 7.5 million Taxi CDN credits.

Each credit allows for a download of up to 100 Kilobytes worth of image. Beyond this an extra credit will be used up for every extra 100K. This means an image of 20 Kilobytes would use 1 credit, and an image of 290 Kilobytes would use 3 credits.

An image is downloaded when someone opens your email. So if you had an email with a 200kb image and it was opened 10 times, this would count as 20 credits.

What happens if you exceed this limit?

By following best practice advice of image file size, for most companies, the 7.5 million credit allowance is more than enough or exactly the right amount.

And if you do go slightly over some months this is fine as there may be some months you are under the allowance, so over the course of a year you’re not going over too much.

However, it is of course possible that you could go over this allowance by a significant amount. If you do go over by a large amount or consistently each month we will never just cut you off and you don’t need to worry about emails having broken images.

You can see your usage in your Taxi account and you can control how you are notified of your usage. When you do receive these notifications or have any concerns please reach out to your Account Manager and we will discuss the best solution for you. For example, changing where your images are hosted, reducing image file size or purchasing more credits.

Additional monthly allowance

You can buy additional credits on top of the free allowance:

Monthly Pricing

  • 2,000,000 extra credits - £50/$70

  • 5,000,000 extra credits - £100/$140

  • 10,000,000 extra credits - £180/$240

  • 100,000,000 extra credits - £1500/$2000

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