Getting started with Taxi Email Design Systems

In Taxi for Email, when we talk about an Email Design System, we're referring to the structure of your email.

An Email Design System is a normal HTML email, with Taxi Syntax added so that you can edit blocks of the email without changing the code. This allows anyone in an organisation to edit the email, regardless of their knowledge of code in emails.

Each Taxi account comes with a built-in Email Design System that you can use. You can also upload your own, or have them built using our Email Design System Service. All the Email Design Systems are live in your account under the 'Email Design Systems' tab.

Each Email Design System is made up of a number of modules, which you can add to your mailing. A mailing starts off blank, and you can add modules to an email. Modules contain elements, such as a text field, which you can then input content into.

When setting up a new mailing, you select an Email Design System to apply to it. It becomes the Email Design System for this mailing.

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