Creating test email addresses

When you want to send a test email directly from Taxi, you'll first need to set them up. You can add them via the visual editor, or in your 'Teams' section.

To set up a new test address:

  1. From a Mailing, click on 'Send Test Email' and then 'Add Test Address' Admin users with permission can add any email to Taxi as a test address. For users that are non-admin, the org admin can add permission. Find out more here

  2. Taxi will send a verification email

  3. Once verified, the address will appear in the ‘Send Test Email’ menu in the editor

You can then send test emails directly to your inbox. If you aren't receiving the test emails, please check that you've whitelisted all Taxi preview addresses, or get in touch with us via the chat window.

Auto approved email domains for test addresses:

If an email address ends in any of the following domains it will be approved straight away as a test address, bypassing the verification step: ‘’ ‘’ ‘’ ‘’ ''

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