Learn how to structure your account: Part 4

Segmentation in Taxi allows you to send variations of your email based on the data you have about your Customers.

You can do this using Single Segments, Segment Sets and Grouped Segments.

Single Segments

Single segments allow you to include content for some people and not others. Single segments are binary, you are either in or out. For example, City = London

Segment Sets

Segment Sets are used when you want to split your entire audience into more than 2 segments and send different content to each. For example, you might have a segment set for a Loyalty Programme which has three segments Bronze, Silver and Gold. You will then be able to send loyalty level specific content for each level and your customers will receive the content that applies to them.

Grouped Single Segments

Grouped Segments, allow you to organise your Single Segments. If you have a Single Segment called City you can add non grouped single segments to this. When you are in the editor and you select the grouped single segment you will see the options in a dropdown. For example, a City Single Segment and you add London and Dublin to this they will both appear in a dropdown for you to select in the editor.

When to use each:

Single Segment:

If you wanted to send specific content to one group of people. For example, send an offer to people that live in London only. If you do not live in London you will receive a generic email and if you do live in London you will receive an offer in your email.

Segment Set:

If you wanted to send different content to different people. For example, a City Segment Set with the cities London, Birmingham and Manchester in it. The content will be different depending on where the customer is based.

Example of an Email in Taxi showing all content for the City Segment Set London, Manchester and Birmingham

Below is the Email that the different audiences will receive:

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