Creating and managing Teams in Taxi


In this article, we're going to cover why you would use teams, how to create teams and adding or removing users to teams.

Taxi has a feature that allows you to group your users into teams if required.

Each team can be given different permissions and different access to make sure the right people can see and edit the right projects and mailings.

Teams are useful when you have a lot of users in Taxi or when you need to give different permissions to different groups. e.g. you might want to give access to freelancers, without them being able to see anything confidential.

To add a new team:

  1. Click 'Organisation' from the bottom left-hand corner of your Taxi screen and select 'People'

  2. On the Teams tab Select 'Create New'

3. Fill in the team details 4. Select 'Create Team'

5. On the teams tab select the team Drag the users that you want to add to this team. Users can be in multiple teams with different permissions on each.

Give a team specific permissions:

  1. On the Teams tab select a team

  2. Select the Permissions tab

  3. Select the things you want your team to be able to do e.g. edit, export etc

  4. Choose whether you want the permission to be a Team or Global permission Team permissions are the most restrictive as the user will only be able to do that action as part of that specific team global permissions allow the user to do that action as part of any team

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