How do I build a master version from a built in or custom modular template?

• To build your master version, the first thing you need to do is click into it. Depending on the template you chose, your master version might be completely blank, partly blank, or it might have the whole email design already showing.

• If it's completely blank or partly blank, then you need to start adding the modules you want to use. You do this by looking at the sections on the right hand side of the visual editor.

• The visual editor will have a number of sections down the right hand side e.g. Header, Main Image, Main Content Area, Footer etc. Each of those sections has a blue button at the top of it that says 'Add a module' with a drop down menu. Click on the drop down menu to see the modules that are available for you to use in that section.

• To select the module you want, just click on the name and it will appear in the main screen window.

• We recommend you start with the header and then work down each of the sections. If you select the wrong module, just click the red 'Hide' button and it will disappear.

• If you add modules in the wrong order, you can rearrange them using the up and down arrows on the right hand side of the module name.

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